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Gold Technology Solutions is a web design & development studio that builds custom websites for the modern web. Our highly flexible approach combines content strategy and user-focused design with expert development and long-term support to help our clients achieve their goals and reach their audiences.


We are doing something that we love to do and we are doing it absolutely perfect.

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites respond to their users' devices. They resize perfectly for enviorment; insuring your site looks perfect on phones, tablets, and computers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our PPC Marketing and search engine optimization techniques help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and win customers.

Brand Development

Consistency is the key to establishing brand identity and to turning your company’s purpose and mission into a visual story. From logos to powerpoints, we do it all!


As a freelance web designer, myself and my team focus all our time on your success.


Gold Technology Solutions was founded in 2010 after the founder, Aaron Gold, wished to share his love for design and technological expertise with the community. While browsing the web, Aaron noticed that many of his favorite companies did not have modern websites. Aaron wanted to help these small companies by creating beautifully designed websites at a reasonable price.

Aaron Gold

Computer Science & Business graduate from Brandeis University, Aaron is a business technology consultant. He has years of full-stack custom development, mobile app design, and wordpress experience. Most mornings, he starts his day with Crossfit or running/biking. He loves traveling and exploring new cultures. He enjoys meeting others and hearing from their experiences, so lets grab coffee!

Aaron Gold, Yoffie Gold, Founders of Gold Technology Solutions Newtown PA & Waltham MA

Yoffie Gold - CEO

Aaron Gold is foudner of Gold Technology Solutions Newtown PA & Waltham MA

Aaron Gold - Founder


Please Look at some of our amazing and wonderful clients. We treat all of our clients with pixel perfect websites.

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